WUN E-Seminar Series Kicks Off this Week

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This year’s joint e-seminar series will return to the topic of dynamic modelling in a GIS environment.

Date: 28th Oct at 1700 GMT

Title: A dynamic social network model for disease transmission.

Speaker: Ling Bian (Buffalo)

Chair: Kirk Harland (Leeds)

The seminars are open to all. For details of how to join the e-seminar using the Marratech™ video conferencing environment, and further seminars in the same series, see: http://www.wun.ac.uk/ggisa/seminars.html

Dave Unwin (d.unwin@wun.ac.uk) WUN Global GISc Academy Coordinator
Steve Carver (s.j.carver@leeds.ac.uk) University of Leeds

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RGS-IBG GIScience Website

On August 4, 2009, in About, Intro, by James Cheshire

Welcome to the new online home of the Royal Geographical Society’s GIScience Research Group. GIScience.org.uk contains information on the research group, it’s committee and how to join. We hope that the site will becoming a growing resource for the GIScience community. The Journals page is automatically updated by RSS feeds and contains the most recent articles from the major GIS and geography journals. The Links page is intended to point visitors to useful web resources dealing with GIScience and we welcome suggestions from members of the research group. GIScience.org.uk is also the place to promote and keep informed of forthcoming events within the RGS-IBG GIS and geography community. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding GIScience.org.uk please email James Cheshire.

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