The GIScRG is a group of academics and practitioners interested in promoting GIScience and GITechnology in geographical research, teaching and the workplace.


We  also support and promote e-science and the application of novel computing and spatial analysis paradigms to geographical systems, for example, agent-based modelling.


Activities include:

  • Running sessions at the RGS-IBG Annual Conference.
  • Active participation in GISRUK, the leading academic GIS conference in the UK.
  • Developing and maintaining international links, e.g.  participation and sponsorship of sessions at the American Association of Geographers Annual Conference.
  • Working with companies such as ESRI (UK) to promote the use of GIS.
  • Working with the Association of Geographic Information (AGI) to promote links with  GIS practitioners and Chartered Geographers.
  • Promoting and supporting the use of GIS within schools.
  • Production of journal special issues on exciting new research (e.g. the 2009 RGS-IBG Annual Conference will produce a special issue of the Applied Spatial Analysis and Policy journal).
  • Working closely with other GIScience forums such as AGILE.

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